Grids not appearing in Infor CRM web client in current version of Chrome (71)

When using recent versions of Infor CRM web client with the most recent version of Chrome (version 71, as of this writing), grids do not appear if you have any uncleared Alarms.  (We tested this in Inform CRM 8.3.09.)  Grids would be the lists at the bottom of the details screen for some entity, such as the list of Notes/History for an Account.  So, using this example, if you bring up the details of an Account, and choose to show Notes/History at the bottom, it will tell you how many items there are, and display them in a list.  However, if you are using the above combination, and have any Alarms you have not cleared (like a meeting reminder), it will still show the correct number of Notes/History items, but the list itself will be blank.  Clearing the Alarms will cause the list to populate.  This applies to any list that displays as a grid on the bottom of any details page.

*Update, February 7, 2019 – it appears that this issue is resolved in Chrome 72 which is now available.*

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