How do you trouble shoot new fields that will not show up on the SalesLogix tabbed view where they should be?


I added some custom fields to the Account table, all of them
are long integer types. I placed them on a custom tab view in edit
boxes. As Admin I can see the data in all of the edit boxes. As a
regular user with all rights, I can only see three out of these same
five fields. All of the edit boxes have the same exact properties except
for text, name, left, top and width. Two
fields will not show anything and I can’t seem to figure out why.

fields display fine in List View. I’ve tried putting edit boxes linked
to the same fields on the Account Detail View and I get the same result.


I had similar problems in SLX 7.22 and SLX 7.51.

Try to set field level security new. Open Administrator

Go To Manage/ Security Profiles…..change a Profile and click OK, then change it back again and click ok.

Sometimes, simply clicking on OK in the Security Profiles will force an update and you will be able to see your fields.




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