Infor CRM Connection Troubleshooting: Ports

This the the third in a series of posts on Infor CRM connection issues. We have previously looked at issues with the data link and database login (LINK). In this post, we are going to look at possible issues with ports. You can get all the way through the initial installation of Infor CRM without issue even if some needed ports are closed, so this can be a good thing to check if a new install mysteriously refuses to work.

Infor CRM was designed more-or-less assuming that the internal network it would run on would be completely open. In the real world, that is often not the case, especially if you have HTML sites open to outside internet. If you do have anything less that all ports open on you internal network, there are several ports you will need to make sure are open between all CRM servers.

CRM uses ports 1025, 1433, 11211, and 1706 (or whatever port was chosen when CRM was installed) for various forms of communication, so all those ports need to be open. (Note port 11211 should be closed to the external world, as leaving it open to the web is a security risk.) Also, you will need to make sure that users can connect to any IIS site using the ports on which they are published. Finally, if you are running any Saleslogix services on a server other than the app server (for example, if you have a dedicated job server for CRM), you will also need to open ports 1895, 8000, and 9001 as well, as Infor CRM uses those port to communicate with the services.

Open Firewall Ports

             example of firewall rule opening the required ports

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