Properly Structuring Account Ownership in SalesLogix

Question: After a new account has been added to SalesLogix only the Account owner has access, but I need access as well.  How can I setup account ownership?

Answer: You are going to need to setup an Ownership model and make sure that it is structured correctly.  Here is some information about account ownership:

– Within SalesLogix you can create Teams based on your own structure, or you can use “User” teams.
– When you create Teams you define the Owners and the Members, all of whom have access to records owned by the team.
– If you use User Ownership, you can define who other than the User has visibility to the data.

Also, once you define your security structure you should setup your Default Options so that whenever a user creates new Accounts/Contacts the data owner is properly assigned.  You can review the Help within the Administrator for additional Security and Ownerhsip information.

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