Referencing the Parent Opportunity and Opportunity Description in SalesLogix v7.5.2

Question:Within SalesLogix v7.5.2 I have created a new entity called Project. 
The Project entity has an Opportunity as its parent, which is a
one-to-many off of Opportunity.  In the Opportunity Projects tab I have
an Add button on the Opportunity Detail which displays a form and lets
you create a new Opportunity Project record.

I created an OnLoad code snippet event:

public static partial class AddEditProjectEventHandlers
public static void OnLoad1Step( IAddEditProject form, EventArgs args)

IProject Project = form.CurrentEntity as IProject;
if (form.txtDescription.Text == “”)
Project.Description = “Test”;


is so that I can default, upon creation, to the description of the
Opportunity (I have a Description
field on the Project).  The Project description sets to “Test” if it is
currently blank.  I have tried to use many combinations of object
hierarchies and GetParentEntity() as I can think, but I can’t seem to
get the reference to the parent Opportunity, and that Opportunity’s
Description.  Where am I going wrong?

Answer:  The function is part of the SmartPart, and is defined in the
EntityBoundSmartPart class, which all QuickForms inherit from.  To
access the parent entity in a C# Snippet action do this: 


IMyParentEntity myparent = this.GetParentEntity() as Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IMyParentEntity;

You don’t have to directly access the SmartPart if you’re in a Code
Snippet Action, so you can use the EntityContextService like this:

// Get a reference to the EntityContextServce
// and call GetEntity()

IMyParentEntity myparent = form.WorkItem.Services.Get<Sage.Platform.Application.IEntityContextService>().GetEntity() as IMyParentEntity;

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