Remove Items from Write Menu in Infor CRM Web 8.x

One of the advantages of adding Outlook Integration to Infor CRM Web 8.x is the ability to use mail templates from the Write menu.  Architect may be used to delete templates which are no longer used, but many (or all) users may notice these deleted templates still appear in their respective Write menus.  This is because the web client caches the content of the Write menu.  In order to clear out the menu itself, it is necessary to delete these items in the Windows registry.

On each user’s computer, do the following:  Close all SalesLogix applications, then open the the registry editor (regedit).  Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SalesLogix\MailMerge\SITECODE\Users\ USERNAME\WriteMenu.  For each item that is to be removed from the menu, right click on the folder for that item and choose Delete. Click Yes to confirm each delete.

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