SalesLogix v7.5.1 Error Message After Creating a Local Website

Question: I have SalesLogix v7.5.1 running on our web server with no issues. 
However, after I created a local website to test and debug with Visual
Studio, I receive the following message whenever I try to login to
SalesLogix on my local machine website and try to navigate to anything
on the left navbar:

the COM class factory for component with CLSID

A05784EA84F3} failed due to the following
error: 80040154.

The required admin tools and components are
installed on my local machine and I deployed the site locally with
Application Architect.  Any suggestions for me?

Answer: As you already know your error related to COM Registrations on your
local server.  That CLSID comes from the GroupTranslator.dll which is
usually found on the SalesLogix folder.  Try the following:

  • Review your SalesLogix Installation folder and ensure that the
    GroupTranslator.dll is indeed there.  If you find it, register it.
  • If
    the DLL is not there, run a repair on your SalesLogix application. 
    Consider installing the SalesLogix Windows client if it doesn’t make it
    in the folder.

When the GroupTranslator.dll is in place registering it should get you past the error.

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