Screen Dims When Clicking Button on a Form in Dialog Workspace in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix I have a form in a dialog workspace.  This form has buttons to effect other controls on the same form.  When I click these buttons the screen dims/greys momentarily and I would prefer that it didn’t.  Can I disable the dimming/greying when I click these buttons, but not permanently or throughout the client?

Answer: The reason that this happens in SalesLogix is to stop further interactions between the user and the system while the changes are transferred to the server.  If users are allowed to continue to work on the app a post back could be triggered from a different control event.  If this happens where would your Viewstate be?  This scenario is entirely possible and can cause things to break as well as cause a big headache when you start to troubleshoot.

An alternative for you is to implement your code as client side Javascript if you don’t want to post to the server.

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