Selecting Word Template Within SalesLogix Using the LookupEdit

Question: I’m trying to setup SalesLogix so that a user can select a Word
template within SalesLogix.  To do this, I am using the LookupEdit
control with LookupMode=ImFile.  When
the control displays the lookup directory window, the directory
displayed is always the last directory that I chose a file from.  The
templates always exist below a Library directory (the root
directory), though the templates may exist in a sub directory.  As an

C:directory1directory2directory3LibrarySub Directory 1Template Directory

I can’t seem to configure the control so that it always starts at Library directory.  How can I do this?
Answer: This isn’t possible with LookupEdit. There is a different approach you
can take, the outline can be found in the following articles:

Hope this helps.


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