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Is SalesLogix Today Catching a Trend?

Back in January Oracle announced a new model for it CRM SaaS offering giving customers an option to have a dedicated server rather than sharing a physical server with many other customers as Salesforce.com requires.

SalesLogix Today Finally Launched

We've been waiting awhile for the official announcement from Sage on SalesLogix Today. Think they wanted to wait until their recent Business Partner Broadcast, which makes sense. For a refresher see the benefits of the SalesLogix Today offering. Complete info on SalesLogix Today is here.

SalesLogix Today

Sage Software will be launching a new product in the coming weeks - SalesLogix Today. SalesLogix Today is a packaged offering designed to make it both easy and affordable to buy and implement SalesLogix. Sage is holding the details close to their vest, but this is what we think we think we know about SalesLogix Today:

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