Tracking Changes Made in the SalesLogix v7.2 Web Client

Question: When we were using the SalesLogix v6.2 Windows client there were
controls for the property RecordToHistory.  Any time a value was changed
the record was saved in the History table and listed the old value, new
value, the user that made the modification, and the modification date. 
Is there anything similar to this in the the SalesLogix v7.2 Web

Answer: In the SalesLogix Web client you can do this at the entity level.  When
you are on the entity there is an ‘Audited’ checkbox.  Check this box,
and check the properties on the entity for the changes you would like to
keep a record of.  On the entity ‘Extended’ tab there is a field called
‘Track History To’, enter ‘IHistory’ (this is a drop down).  You now
are able to track any ‘audited’ properties, and their changes will
record to history. 

It is also possible to make your own tracking tables instead of
using history.  If you’re interested, the steps are outlined in this


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