Values From DependencyLookupControl in SalesLogix

Question: I am trying to get the values that a user selects on a form from the
DependencyLookupControl in SalesLogix but I’m having a bit of trouble. 
They aren’t bound to anything because I plan to use the values that the
user specifies to run a stored procedure that does extensive data
handling.  This is what I did to try to access the first drop down:



I still can’t find where the selected value is, any help would be appreciated.

Answer: Try this:

string area;
area = dplArea.FindControl(“Area”).


area = area.Replace(“_”, “$”) + “_Text”;
area = Page.Request[area];
string category;
category = dplArea.FindControl(“Category”).ClientID;

category = category.Replace(“_”, “$”) + “_Text”;
category = Page.Request[category];
string issue;
issue = dplArea.FindControl(“Issue”).ClientID;

issue = issue.Replace(“_”, “$”) + “_Text”;
issue = Page.Request[issue];


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