Xbar and Outlook Integration in Infor(formerly Saleslogix) 8.2

After installing Xbar 1.3, Outlook 2010 did not have the Record to History icons in the toolbar ribbon.
In Outlook, go to File, Options, Add-Ins and you will see Infor CRM Outlook Connecter listed in the Disabled Add-Ins. If you try to enable the Infor CRM Outlook Connecter, it does not stick and is listed as unloaded. Uninstalling Xbar, reinstalling, and rebooting does not solve this.

To resolve this, launch Outlook as the Administrator, go to File, Options, Add-ins and then click Go next to COM Add-Ins. Now delete the Infor CRM Outlook Connector. Close Outlook and restart it as the Administrator user. Now go to File, Options, Add-ins and then click Go next to COM Add-Ins and select Add. Navigate to C:\Users\”YOURUSER”\AppData\Local\Infor and select the slxotl32.dll. This will add the connector back to your active Add-Ins and the toolbar icons re-appear.


  1. MY Current implementation is SLX LAN 7.5.2 and we are using basic outlook integration what sage provided from 2006.

    Now we upgraded our LAN client to Infor 8.3. Now i am really confused which tool we need to use

    1. Intellisync
    2.Desktop Integration.
    3. Xbar

    Which tool of above will best fit as our users up to now only got habituated to record to history buttons in outlook. Please help


    • Ram,

      Now that you are upgraded to Infor 8.3 Intellisync will no longer work and should be removed from all workstations. The XBar installation now contains the Desktop Integration as well so installing XBar and configuring the connection will also configure the Desktop Integration.


  2. How do you disable the XBar window in Outlook, we do not want to use it.


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