Adding a Button to the Contact Detail Page in SalesLogix

Question: On the Contact Details page I would like to add a button.  Within the ContactDetails form in SalesLogix, under the contact entity, I know that I can add a button. If I create the button and install a bundle of our customizations I’m not sure what will happen to our other customizations that also modify the ContactDetails form.  Is it possible for me to have a form with one button on it that I could programatically render on the contact details page in a certain area?

Answer: If you’re trying to include a change to the ContactDetails form and then bundle it so that it won’t loose customizations to an existing ContactDetails form when the bundle is installed, then that isn’t exactly possible.  The person that installs the bundle could use a merge tool to merge the change, but the knowledge required to do this is often more than the typical person has. 

Something you could do if you can touch the ContactDetails form to add a browser control is load a SmartPart into that programatically.  You are also able to modify the master page template to include a new workspace section, like TopDetailRight, to which you could add SmartParts.

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