Missing Hyperlink on Contact List View in SalesLogix v7.5 Web

Question: I am using SalesLogix v7.5 Web and everything seems to work fine, except for when I perform a Contact lookup.  When I try to use the lookup functionality on the Contact List view the contact names do not have a hyperlink.  I’m not experiencing any issue with the Account names, they show as hyperlinks and when I click on the link I am brought to the Account detail view.  Why am I not able to click on the Contact and open the Contact Detail view?

Answer: This is probably happening because your Default Contact group (as set in options) does not have a Contact Column set as an Entity Link.  If it isn’t set as an Entity Link, whenever you perform a lookup the contact won’t show with a hyperlink.  If this is the cause of your problem you can change your default group to one that has the correct layout.  If you make a change to Options, make sure to log out and then log back in or you won’t see the Options take effect.

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