Creating and Bundling Groups in SalesLogix Web

Question: I have created new custom mainviews in SalesLogix Web, and when a users goes to the new mainview and a group doesn’t exist then a javascript error pops up.  What I would like to do is to create a default “all whatever” group for the custom mainviews and to deploy these so that the user doesn’t receive an error message when entering the mainview.  How can I create and bundle groups in SalesLogix Web?

Answser: To do this, use the ‘Install Plugin’ on the ‘Actions’ tab in the Application Architect bundler.  You can find this bundler in AA in the ‘Bundle Model’ section of the project explorer, which is located on the left pane.  Right click on ‘Bundle Model’ and choose ‘New Manifest’ to create a bundle.  After you have created your bundle give it a name, and then click the ‘Actions’ tab.  You are now able to drag the ‘Install Plugin’ item to the list.  Pick ‘Group’ or ‘ACO Group’ to find the group you created.  You are now able to save your bundle.  Right-click on your bundle in the list of bundle manifests under ‘Bundle Model’ to create your bundle file.  Reminder: make sure you fill in ‘ReleaseGroup’ in the properties window after choosing your group or ACO group, usually this is ‘Everyone’.

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