Error When Building Snippet Libraries in SalesLogix

Question: I keep receiving the following error in SalesLogix whenever I build the snippet libraries:

ERROR – C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataSagePlatformOutputSage.SnippetLibrary.CSharpsrcSage.SnippetLibrary.CSharp.@.7b802cf9-fc70-4ea9-9012-9ae5ad9768d8.codesnippet.cs(30,28):Type ‘Sage.BusinessRules.CodeSnippets.C_CollectionBusinessRules’ already defines a member called ‘OnBeforeUpdateStep1’ with the same parameter types
Whenever I delete the file is regenerated.  Any idea how I can get this error message to go away?
Answer: Try deleting the entries that are related to the business rule in
modelindex.xml, then delete all C# files for the business rule inside
C:VFSModelEntity ModelSalesLogix Application EntitiesC_Collection.

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