Improving Performance of SalesLogix v7.5.2 Web

Question: We are currently running SalesLogix v7.5.2 Web with Windows 2008 Server
and SQL Server 2008 and we are having a performance issue.  Every time
SalesLogix is launched it can take up to 30 seconds to bring up the
homepage and up to 10 seconds to move between contacts to accounts,
Accounts to Opportunities, etc.  After a page has been visited going
back to the page takes less time, but still isn’t as fast as we’d
like it to be.  Any suggestions to improve performance?

Answer: Here are some general ideas to help speed up your System:

– Take a look at your precompile the site, much of what you are describing makes it sound like this could be the cause.
– You may want to add addtional instances depending on the number
of user as doing so will help you to better utilize your hardware
– Change the Group to which SalesLogix defaults to something other than the “All xxxx”.
– Check your database for problems that need to be addressed.
– If you have customization check the code to ensure it is optimal.
– Take a look at the resources of your hardware.


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