Hook-in a DLL After Logging in to the SalesLogix Web Client

Question: I would like to hook-in a dll or a business rule after logging into the SalesLogix Web client.  As an example, calling a function at startup to set variables based on db record results then disable/enable a menu item and allow other pages to be used as values.  Is there a process I should take to accomplish this?

Answer: There are several ways to accomplish this:

The built-in Global.ascx file can be used to wire up a session start handler.
You can add code to the Login.aspx page and wire up the OnLoggedIn event.  Keep in mind that if Sage creates changes to the Login.aspx file all of your changes will be lost.
You can create a portal-wide module that will to do what you described in your example.
Another possibility is to add a standard HttpModule to the site.  To do this you will need it wired up in the web.config.

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