Issue When Changing Pre-Filter Lookups in Saleslogix

Question: Within SalesLogix I have created a dependancy lookup control on a
form to which I have added pre-lookup filters.  The issue I am having
begins when I make a change to the pre-filters – cookies must be cleared
out, website rebuilt so that the new filters can be applied.  Here is
the code I’m using to apply the filter, with Team as the property and
MyTeam as the value that is filtered on:

dlMyLookUpControl.LookupPreFilters.Add(“Team”, “MyTeam”)
How can I apply filters at run time?
Answer:  To do this you should get the current HttpContext LookupState,
create a new LookUpFilterState, and add this in.  Because the values are
cached they will overwrite the filter state.

To get the current cache-
object c = System.Web.HttpContext.


To create lookup state-
Sage.SalesLogix.HighLevelTypes.LookupState ls = (Sage.SalesLogix.HighLevelTypes.LookupState)c;

To create new filterstate and add it to the lookupstate.
Sage.SalesLogix.HighLevelTypes.LookupFilterState lfs = new Sage.SalesLogix.HighLevelTypes.LookupFilterState();


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