Issues with the latest version of Chrome (70) and Infor CRM (Saleslogix) web client

If you are like me, you don’t really think about what version of Chrome you are using unless there is some issue.  And since I have had to think about it recently, I can tell you the current version of Google Chrome is 70.  Chrome 70 was released in mid-October, 2018, becoming widely adopted the following month.  We have seen some issues it causes in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) web client, so we wanted to list the more common ones here.

Chrome 70 added support for touch-enabled devices, but this has caused issues for some of the older versions of Infor CRM  (and Saleslogix), which have older versions of some of the files Chrome is using for touch support.  On affected systems, the web client site will just spin forever after login, never loading the page.  We have had some luck updating those particular files, but do not yet have a process that works in all cases.  The quick solution is to disable the touch API in Chrome, which can be done by going to chrome://flags/ in the Chrome browser.  Search for Touch, and set the Touch Events API to Disabled.  This will solve the hanging issue,  but will disable touch functionality in the Chrome browser.

Another issue we have seen is that the grid at the bottom of some CRM web client pages will fail to load, even though it is showing the correct count for the number of entries that should load.  We see thing for things such as Notes/History or Attachments for some entities.  Infor has reported this issue as KB 2025468.  Closing  Chrome and clearing the cache seem to help for a time, but this is not a permanent fix.  Other that using a different browser, no one has reported a permanent fix for this issue yet.

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  1. The Notes History grid will blank out if you try to sort it when the alarm bell icon has popped up at the top right of the screen. If there are active alarms, and you then try to sort the grid, it will go blank. If you then snooze all alarms or dismiss all alarms, the grid will then render correctly.

    It does appear that this is now working as expected following the release of Chrome Version 71.

    • Interesting about the alarms. But I have many end users here that still get blank Notes in that grid and I had them all update to 71 as soon as it came out. (We are still on 8.1 though, so that could be an issue.)

    • We have not done a detailed study of which issues affect which versions of Infor CRM (Saleslogix), but older versions definitely had more issues. Of the issues we looked at, the blank-grid issue was the least solvable, as it is caused by the base program and cannot be fixed by updating or adding support files. The only way we found around the blank-grid issue was to switch to another browser. It is possible a future version of Chrome will fix this, but only time (and trial-and-error) will tell.

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