Manipulating Fields in the Address Control with JavaScript in SalesLogix

Question: I am trying to manipulate some of the fields in the Address control
in SalesLogix with JavaScript.  I set some default settings as

var txtBox = document.getElementById(“


txtBox.value = “default”;

I would like to hide values and change label values but I can’t figure out how to do so – any suggestions?

Answer: A tool such as IE Developer Tools will help you to explore HTML hierarchy.  Some things to note:

  • A SalesLogix Control is usually wrapped within a Division.  This can
    help you to discover alternatives for manipulating elements as they are
    rendered.  Example – the value of the Text Box is not the value of a
    lookup.  You can modify the Text that is displayed, but you’re not
    modifying the ID or Text of the item selected on the lookup.  If you
    explore the object with a Reflector tool and the IE Developer Tool you
    should be able to discover the child elements that have the items you’re
    looking for.
  • Using IE Developer Tools you can add HTML Attributes or CSS Styles
    and find out how the control is affected.  If you get the results you
    are looking for you can then implement the same attributes using

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