Identifying COM Component That is Causing an Error in SalesLogix v7.5

Question: We are running SalesLogix v7.5 and just installed Service Pack 2. 
After the install we started receiving an error when trying to load the
Welcome page, when using mail merge, and when trying to change template
fields on the General tab under user options:

The following HTTP status error was reported in
THTTPRequestThread.Execute: Retrieving the COM class factory for
component with CLSID {1BBD3B34-C697-449A-AE6B-37A18D338C0F} failed due to the following error: 80040154.

I’m not sure what COM component is causing this error, any ideas?

Answer: That CLSID is for SLXMM.MailMerge (SLXMM.dll).


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