Random and Repeated Logouts/Signouts in SalesLogix v7.5.1 Web

Question: Our users are randomly and repeatedly being logged out/signed out of SalesLogix Web v7.5.1.  What are some steps I can take to troubleshoot this issue?

Answer: There are many different factors that can cause users to be kicked out of the SalesLogix Web client.  Some areas to look at:

– Check the Application log.  Are there exceptions that are not being properly handled? These could be kicking the user out (sometimes the problem is in the data).

– Keep the Reminders option turned On so that the client is constantly pinging the server for Updates, thus keeping the Session alive.

– Check your IIS Settings and ASP.NET settings to make sure that your sessions are not being timed out.

– Don’t use “Web Farms” on an IIS instance.  Use Multiple Instances as these are better for the Sessions.

– If you are using Multiple Servers and load balancing, synchronize the Encryption keys. This avoids exceptions on the Forms Authentication.

– Review the values of the User Options.  If this is an upgraded system, there was no conversion for the Options from 6.2 to 7.2, and there may be values that are not compatible with the new version.

– Determine what actions cause a given user to be kicked out. If you are getting an ASP error page, it will have a matching error entry on the Application log, but you could alternatively turn off Custom Errors on the web.config.

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