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Adding Billing and Shipping addresses to SageCRM merge forms

I was recently doing some work on merge forms in SageCRM and discovered that for Cases, SageCRM didn't take into account different address types in the OOTB Case merge fields. Normally, Address information is derived by joining the case_PrimaryCompanyID to the Company table, and then joining from Comp_PrimaryAddressID to the address tables. With these joins, you could only include the primary address for the Case's account, however I wa...

Updating table IDs in SageCRM using SQL

I just finished work on an import project into SageCRM, using SQL Server Integration services to move data from a couple of Excel Spreadsheets into the database. One of the items I had to figure out was how to populate tableIDs for the imported records.

SageCRM – Building Workslips Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a walk-through which will outline building a Workslips module for Sage CRM. In this part, I'll cover creating a new table, and defining fields in that table. We're going to start with creating new table structure to hold basic Workslip information. First we have to define the Workslip table. In Sage CRM, got to Administration->Advanced Customization->Tables and Databases and then click ...

FieldTypes in Sage CRM

I wanted to take this post to outline some of the common field types that are available within Sage CRM, for anyone new to development within Sage CRM. These are definedunder the Fields tab under Administration/Customization/{EntityName}.

Adding/Modifying system menu items in Sage CRM

By using the Systems Menu functionality, you have the ability to customize the Administration and Main menus in Sage CRM. As an example, I'm going to add a custom menu item to the main Sage CRM menu to launch the view to create a new Person record in Sage CRM.

Import data into SageCRM

Import data into Sage CRM I blog often about importing, and today I am going to blog about importing into SageCRM. When you import, make sure that your data is very clean.

SageCRM Tip – Editing screen definitions – Screen contents missing from screens

On the last Sage CRM project I worked on, I ran across a little issue with the CRM interface which was causing me a bit of a headache. I was working with a couple of screens I had defined for a custom entity. These screens were similar, so I was doing a lot of comparing one screen to another. Every once and a while, I would notice that the screen contents would disappear from the screen I was reviewing, and I would end up having to rebuild the...

Sage CRM-Multiple Related Accounts to Opportunities

One of my clients this week wanted to associate multiple Companies with an Opportunity. After a little research on my part, I was able accomplish this. The functionality actually exists within the existing program. First you need to go into Customization of Opportunities, you can add an additional tab, using the OTHER action. Related Companies […]

User Configuration

I was working with a Client this week on SageCRM.com, and though this product looks similar to SageCRM when looking at the interface, there are several very large differences when you take a closer look. In SageCRM you have an area for High Level User Configuration. This area is not available when you are using SageCRM.com. […]

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